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Welcome to Daytime Moon Creations!

 Mg 7379Have you ever looked up at the sky in the middle of the day and noticed the moon in a vivid, spectacular way unlike the way you notice it at night? There is something about that moment, the way the white moon sets itself in the same sky as the sun, against a bright blue background with light clouds and birds instead of stars. There is something unique, unexpected. The moon is outside of its element, yet the blue sky is utterly fitting–as though the days when the moon isn't there are somehow lacking a bit of magic. In this unexpected moment, we look at the beauty in the sky above us, and we smile. We are witnessing something different, something special, and something beautiful.

Dsc 0419Since its beginnings, Daytime Moon Creations has held a special place in my heart. A company that offers recreational arts programs to children and young adults with a full spectrum of special needs, Daytime Moon Creations received its official status as a New York State Nonprofit Corporation in 2009. Since its programming launch the following year, Daytime Moon has grown to offer extracurricular programs in the community, in-school programs with partners that include the New York Center for Autism Charter School and the Cooke Center for Learning and Development, and an inclusive internship program that welcomes college and graduate students as well as young adults with special needs transitioning into the workforce. At the core of Daytime Moon is an emphasis on fun. By removing the expectation of success, we remove the possibility for failure. By taking participants out of an environment centered on achievement, we create a safe environment in which they can explore flexible thinking and creative expression. A program with Daytime Moon Creations is a place where individuality is a thing to be celebrated, and every participant in Daytime Moon gets the opportunity to be center stage, sharing their talents and personality with a supportive audience. By participating in the creation of an original performance, the individuals in our programs make huge gains in abstract thought, self-confidence, social skills and communication—soft skills that generalize into their everyday and educational lives.

The children and young adults in our community, like the daytime moon, are special. They shine in a way that is unique, beautiful, and different from what we typically see. Every time I see them shine, I cannot help but smile and be filled with their joy. As you look through our history, our photographs and our videos, I hope you, too, feel the sense of wonder and inspiration that has become synonymous with the work of Daytime Moon Creations.

And as you leave our website, I hope your sky will always have in it something a little unexpected!

Jenna Gabriel
Executive Director, Daytime Moon Creations